Give Yourself A Flawless No-Makeup Look This Year!

Give Yourself A Flawless No-Makeup Look This Year!

It’s 2023 and new trends are stepping in, and the world of beauty & fashion is at its all-time peak! 


This is when you decide which style you want to adopt, and if you’re all in for that minimalistic vibe, then giving yourself a signature no-makeup look is a must! 


Explore the world of beauty with Funky Peacock’s unmatchable makeup products that will become your go-to for your signature look this year! And although you feel like you are indulging with luxury, it is guilt-free because they use sustainable processes and eco-friendly products!


So, are you ready to make some jaws drop or what?!

Makeup Line By Funky Peacock

Funky Peacock is all about making you feel bold, beautiful, and confident in your own skin. It is all about giving you the power and confidence to flaunt your beauty just like a peacock does, hence the name! 


So, keeping that in mind, it offers you the most prestigious, eco-luxe products to enhance that natural beauty of yours!

Beauty Tools & Accessories

Apart from makeup, there are many other things that define your beauty. Funky Peacock makes sure that you get everything that you’re looking for under one roof and offers some of the best beauty accessories for you!


If you’re looking for smooth and soft makeup brushes to stroke that blush flawlessly on your cheeks, you will find them here. You can also find beauty tools like quartz & jade rollers for face shaping, makeup bags, totes, cotton rounds, blotting papers, etc. 


The amazing formula of the makeup brushes and sponges makes them super soft and gentle on your skin. They blend in your makeup so smoothly that it looks incredibly natural. 


That is how you will get the unmistakable no-makeup look!

Fabulous Face

When it comes to a no-makeup look, your face is the most essential part. If you do your face wrong, you will end up creating a mess of the whole look, and you don’t want that, do you?


Start off by concealing the dark areas on your skin– pigmentation, dark spots, acne, eye circles, etc. The trick to get the perfect no-makeup look is to use BB cream instead of foundation. 


Foundation gives your face a heavier look, which is great for the right event, whereas the BB cream would only hide the flaws while retaining the natural look of your face! And Funky Peacock has an incredible smooth blend that goes on nicely with the fingers or a blender.


Try out the cruelty-free, smooth, and light-coverage BB cream in your natural shade. The best part about this BB cream is the fact that it comes with SPF, so it keeps your skin protected, too!

Elegant Eyes

Keep the eye makeup minimal for a flawless no-makeup look. 


Just add some brown eye pencil to keep the look natural while defining your eyes even more. Then go for the most essential eye makeup part– Mascara! 


Without the mascara, you’re neglecting an important feature! So, whatever you do, don’t forget the lengthening mascara because it will give your lashes a subtly curly & longer appearance. 

Lustrous Lips

Keeping your lips simple and elegant is the key to achieving the perfect no-makeup look. Go for subtle shades and avoid matte lips. 


Add a bit of lip gloss to keep it simple and yet, classy & ravishing! Funky Peacock offers endless colors in their lip glosses, but go for nude & subtle shades for this look!

Cheeky Cheeks

Lastly, just add a pop of blush to finish off the look. Remember to choose only the kind of shades that blend well with your natural complexion. 


Subtle shades of pink and nudes will be the best option, and go strut your stuff!

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