Bold & Badass

Bold & Badass

Foolproof Ways To Look Your Absolute Best!


These days, fashion and beauty are at an all-time high. There are new trends coming up every week, new color schemes springing up to make fashion more exciting, and sometimes it can be hard to keep up. 


But, you’re in luck, because here you will explore some foolproof ways to look your absolute best! Funky Peacock offers some super snazzy pieces to uplift your look and give you a cute, positive vibe!


Check out their apparel and accessories and become your boldest, prettiest, strongest, and most confident self in a mater of minutes!

Outfit Style

Let’s talk a little about the trendiest outfit styles for you!

Casual & Funky

Casual & funky is all the rage these days. Hippy, boho-chic style outfits are the new trend and they look absolutely gorgeous!


You can never go wrong with a pair of cool sneakers when it comes to casual and funky, and therefore, Funky Peacock offers incredibly stylish yet casual sneakers for you!


Wear them with style & confidence and flaunt your new signature casual look with the funky prints, colors, and designs! 


Become your most fashionable self with Funky Peacock’s Purple Rainbow High-Top Canvas Shoes and get ready to take the world by storm!


Another way to completely rock your casual look is to add a super cool, badass baseball cap. Perfect for your street look, Funky Peacock offers a classy, casual, yet funky dad hat to take your whole vibe up a few notches!


Your formal events like office parties, dinners, luncheons, galas, engagement parties, etc. need a little dazzle and glamor in them. 


No good way to add that dazzle than throwing on a sassy purse or adding glitzy, blingy jewels to your look. 


Funky Peacock has this super cute, patterned chain purse that goes flawlessly with little black dresses– the classic fit for formal events. 


For that glitzy touch, you can wrap around the eternal hope necklace by Funky Peacock. It will give you a boost of confidence and self-love, and will make you stand out in the crowd!

Simple & Elegant

A simple and elegant look is the best look out there because it pairs up with beauty and elegance without being too flashy! 


A great way to rock your simple, casual look is to take this beautiful, eco-luxe tote bag and hang it around your shoulder. 


It’s not just super fashionable but also very useful in keeping all your belongings and valuables safe, and in one place. 

Bold & Badass

Of course, after feminine and cutesy vibes, we’re gonna look at the total opposite! 


For those who like to stay edgy and make a statement, Funky Peacock offers a few pieces that will fit the look flawlessly! 


Check out the Spotify Code Necklace which is a perfect example of casual & edgy! You can also get yourself a matching keychain engraved with the same Spotify code and flaunt the pair fashionably!


Get ready to look your absolute best in these beanies and bandanas that Funky Peacock is offering. 


Cool beanies are the epitome of street fashion and a perfect accessory to go with your bold & badass vibe. The Powherful Waffle Beanie is just one example of the gorgeous hats that Funky Peacock is offering!



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