Woman wearing Funky Peacock PowHerFul beanie soaking in the Spring breeze on the lake.

Spring Has Sprung!

Although I always say that Fall is my favorite season, there is just something refreshing about the warmer weather and blooming that happens during Spring. It also happens to be a very festive time for my family as we have several birthdays and we have lots of mothers and mother figures to appreciate for Mothers' Day. 

Funky Peacock holds lots of possibilities to bring a fresh start for the season as well as many gift ideas for a mother! 

Personalized jewelry can be a great way to make someone feel special! A ring with a special photo, name or birthstone  or a necklace with a special name or the perfect message are both winners. And you can even give a necklace or keychain with a code to open up a special song in Spotify!  Recently I gave one to my husband, who is a musician, and he absolutely loved it, & has gotten SO many compliments on it. For a mom, it might be a song that she sang to you as a baby, or her favorite song, or even a playlist that you make to show her how special she is. 

Something else that all moms love- BAGS! They always have a tote or a purse for literally any occasion. Funky Peacock has a fun selection, check them out, too!

For something to help her feel pampered, a smooth lotion like a Funky Peacock moisturizer is the way to go! The Mango Face Cream is my personal favorite, it is super light but my skin always soaks it in and feels so fresh! And it lasts a long time- I am just now having to replenish the bottle that I have had since the end of November. There is also an amazing selection of lip glosses that go from soft and feminine to bold and funky! Lavender is my favorite, either alone for just enough shimmer, or layered on my lipstick for an amazing effect.

If you've read through this Spring gift guide, thank you! It means a lot to this small business. Enjoy 30% off with promo code FUNKYSPRING now through April 16th!  

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The Mango face cream is my favorite, too!

Love the Spotify necklace, very cool!


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