Eco-Friendly Skincare At Its Best!

Eco-Friendly Skincare At Its Best!

Your skin needs nourishment and there’s no better way to achieve flawless skin than to have a foolproof skincare regimen! 


Even the basic skincare routines can work wonders for you if you use the right products for your skin problems, in the right way. But, how to make sure that you’re not using any product that is affecting the environment in a bad way?


Finding good skincare products that are completely organic and eco-friendly is not a piece of cake. That’s why The Funky Peacock Store is the right place to shop for your favorite skincare products!

About Funky Peacock

The Funky Peacock Store represents women who are confident, self-loving, and self-sufficient. It represents beauty, glamour, and style! 


A peacock struts its beautiful wings with utmost confidence and it flaunts its colorful feathers with joy. Funky Peacock aims to give that confidence to its customers by providing high-quality, eco-luxe products! 

The Funky Peacock Skincare Line

You can find all kinds of eco-luxe skincare products at Funky Peacock, but choosing the right ones for your skin is the real art. 


Let’s have a look at some of their best-selling skincare products that will make your skin soft, plump, and glowing! 


Cleansing is one of the important parts of your skincare routine. It removes the dirt and debris on your skin’s surface so that your exfoliants and serums can perform better on your skin, giving you the full benefit. 


The Funky Peacock houses some of the most effective and soothing cleansers that are completely eco-friendly!


Check out their range of cleansers where you can find amazing eye & lip makeup removers, cleansing solutions, and makeup removal solutions!

Firming Solutions

Aging of the skin is a very common skin problem these days. The free radicals damage your skin cells and reduce collagen production, hence causing premature aging of your skin. 


If you’re also facing saggy skin, wrinkles, fine lines, and a general lack of plumpness in your skin, you should definitely give these firming solutions a shot. 


The Funky Peacock has come up with a magical solution for all your aging problems– a perfect anti-aging serum & toner!


They offer 3 different products to give you a youthful and radiant appearance. Try out their Botanical Firming Toner right after you cleanse your face. It will help remove any impurities stuck deep beneath the surface of your skin. 


This will clean out your pores completely, giving your skin space to breathe and feel refreshed. Japanese Green Tea is just one of the game-changing ingredients in it to give you tight and beautiful skin!



Your skin needs constant hydration and moisture to remain supple and glowing. 


Prevent your skin from drying out after hours of makeup with Funky Peacock’s amazing range of game-changing moisturizers!


Check out their Hyaluronic moisturizer if your skin needs extra hydration to remain healthy and plump. Hyaluronic acid works by retaining the moisture in your skin and giving it a fresh and glowing look!

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for eco-friendly products that work wonders on your skin, Funky Peacock is the right place to go. 


Offering some top-notch but simple skincare solutions, you will be amazed by how magically they would change your skin’s appearance!

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Yes! I love using eco-friendly products, but makeup products always feel so hippie-ish. I love my hippie stuff, but sometimes I want luxury, and this is definitely luxury without the guilt! Thank you!


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